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2011 Naturally Nourished, Naturally Nurtured Project

Over the last few months, I’ve have the honor and privilege of working with some very beautiful and special families who have helped me develop my first personal project: The 2011 Naturally Nourished, Naturally Nurtured project.

If you are unfamiliar with personal projects, the idea is that taking on a project that is meaningful to me and also completely different from my “norm” will help inspire me and help me grow as a photographer. In this case, the project was also a way to give back to my community and to a cause that is meaningful to me. Inspired by another photographer, I decided to focus on breastfeeding families for my personal project.

As a retired La Leche League leader and former nursing Mom, I have seen the value and benefits that breastfeeding offers not only the baby but the parenting relationship and the whole family.  Since my last baby weaned two years ago, breastfeeding advocacy has been on my periphery: not something I’m involved in anymore but still something I feel passionate about. This project was a perfect way to meld my love of photography with my passion for breastfeeding advocacy in a new and different way.

As a personal project, I learned so much. It was surprisingly tricky to capture these sweeties nursing without distracting them or interfering. Even trickier was also working to get husbands or siblings to be engaged without completely distracting the nursling. The beautiful moments that every nursing Mom experiences daily can be difficult to capture in images because they are spontaneous moments! I learned so much and really appreciate the patience and willingness of each participating family to take this journey with me.

I hope you enjoy the beauty, serenity and love that pours out of these images. If they touch you, please consider purchasing a 2011 Wall Calender, a set of 12 Note Cards or a 2011 Accordion Calendar. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each item will be donated to La Leche League of the Woodlands, Texas. They make great gifts for childbirth educators, doulas, midwives and doctors, pediatricians, lactation consultants, etc.












And our group nursing photo – totally relaxed, kids having fun, Moms chatting – nothing posed at all:


To purchase a 2011 Wall Calender, Accordion Wallet/Purse Calendar or Note Card 12-Pack, please click on over and click on any of the three thumbnails to see pricing and to place your order. The many moms and babies who will benefit from your purchase thank you!

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