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A birth day (almost) on my birthday! {Kingwood TX Birth Photography}

On the afternoon of my birthday I got a call from the doula for a birth I was scheduled to shoot saying to drop everything and GO GO GO! Usually there’s plenty of time to get ready but sometimes it happens this way and I really didn’t think we’d make this birth. On the drive to the birthing center, Dad called to say he didn’t think we’d make it either. Yikes!

When I walked in the room and I saw these smiling faces I admit that I immediately looked around for a baby. Who smiles like this at 7 cm dilated?!

Cute story: See Dad’s shirt? Isn’t it cute? He really was the world’s best coach! And as it turns out, this shirt was also worn by his own father during Dad’s birth!  I love it!

This couple is so special. They were really connected. I don’t think there was a single moment that Dad wasn’t touching Mom. He kept his eyes glued to her the entire labor.  And you could tell that he was her rock during her entire labor.

When Mom entered transition, the midwife prayed with her, hugged her, wiped her tears and held her tight. It was so moving.

I don’t usually post birth pictures in color but once in awhile there is a picture that absolutely MUST be in color. This is one of them.  Look at her toe nails! Aren’t they awesome!? I just adored her green toenails and probably took a half dozen pictures of them.

The other midwife came and stayed for the birth, too. Don’t let this picture fool you!  I assure you, this Mom was working SO HARD and yet between very intense contractions she and her husband always made time for a smile. Mom was a rockstar. She was in transition a LONG time and just powered through.

The birth center has a nice private garden with a nice walkway that Moms can use to help labor along.

Back inside and Mom & Dad are celebrating the news that baby will be born very soon!

Baby Abigail was born at midnight – turns out she was holding out for her own birthday!

I love how Mom & Dad are right back in their connected heads-together position. This time, though, they are admiring, examining and celebrating their daughter on the outside instead of the inside!

Abigail weighed in at a whopping 8lb 9oz…

… 21 inches long

..and head was around 13.75″

Some of my favorite pictures of Abigail. Can you believe this baby is a mere 20 minutes old? Amazing!

Being on call for a birth means sometimes missing special days but honestly I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday this year than shooting this birth! Congratulations to this special family and welcome to the world, baby Abigail!

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