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A healing homebirth {Houston Birth Photography}

I was blessed and honored to be in attendance to capture a very special birth in photos. This precious baby girl was born at home into the arms of her loving family after a beautiful, gentle and peaceful labor.

When I arrived in the evening a light breeze was blowing and the temperature was beginning to drop. It was an unusually beautiful evening following days of rain-filled evenings. Mom & Dad were going about their ordinary day – fixing dinner, doing home repairs, playing with their 3 year old son. By all accounts it was just another day in the neighborhood!  When they headed out for a walk, you wouldn’t know anything was out of the ordinary if it weren’t for the occasional pause to lean into each other while a contraction ebbed and flowed.

Mom silently and peacefully relaxed through every contraction as they worked closer and closer together.

The doula arrived at sundown and offered amazing support to Mom and Dad.

It was around this time that the midwife arrived and Mom found out she was around 8cm dilated. She sure makes 8cm look like a breeze! So peaceful and beautiful and relaxed.

Mom moved into a pool of warm water while Dad read Scripture, pausing during each contraction.

I love this picture. It was at this exact moment that Dad all of  a sudden realized “this is really it!”. He looked up and saw the heating pad, receiving blankets, towels and other supplies being assembled to welcome his baby and he started laughing with joy and excitement!

Finally, close to midnight, sweet big brother fell soundly asleep. He was THE MOST excited little one to ever welcome a new baby into his life. He was VERY prepared and VERY excited about every aspect of childbirth.

It’s go time! Prayers were said over Mom while she gently yet powerfully guided her baby into the world.

That right there is what healing looks like! Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!

Big brother was awake for the birth and came in and out during pushing like it was just another day at home! He was totally unphased. But when he first got a glipse  of his baby sister, I think it’s fair to say his heart melted. He loved her instantly. I have a feeling she’s going to have that effect on people!

Big brother said “Mommy is so happy about her baby!” Tears of joy were not confusing to this little guy. He knew exactly what was going on!

I had to include this picture. See that sweet baby’s tiny fist up next to her neck? That’s how she was born. Ouch.

It’s always an honor to attend a birth but it’s a special gift to attend a healing birth. To witness not only the birth of a child but the transformation of a woman (and a family) is….well, there are not words.  But there are plenty of well-earned tears! Congratulations to the entire family and extended family who are so overjoyed to welcome this baby girl into the world.

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