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A surprise birth!

It was several days before I was going on call for Tami’s birth when I got a surprise call from Brent to share the news that Tami’s water had broken. We had talked about the possibility of Tami going into labor early but I had not really considered it a serious likelihood.  I’m so glad they called me early in labor because it took me several hours to wrap my head around to the idea that we would all meet baby Hunter that day!

When I arrived in the evening, Tami was working hard through long-lasting contractions and resting in between while Brent supported her and stayed by her side. Quiet and peaceful, they worked together through contraction after contraction patiently waiting for baby Hunter to turn into a more optimal position. Intermittently Tami’s awesome birth team (three midwives, a friend acting as doula and a few other family members) came in to support her and Brent however they needed as they let things unfold.

When baby Hunter finally got into a more ideal position, labor was fast and furious. Tami shifted into the tub to give birth gently into the warm water. Brent stood near, fanning Tami and, later, supporting her in the water as they welcomed baby Hunter into their arms. I am not exactly sure what the time frame is but I would have to guess that Tami went from 4 to complete in probably around an hour! She was amazing!!!!

Watching Brent shift from supportive husband to completely smitten Daddy was a highlight of my year! He was instantly so comfortable and so great with Hunter. It was as if he had been preparing all his life to do exactly this and dove right in fearlessly (or fearless to my eyes, anyway!).

Tami and Brent just fell naturally into parenting together – Tami fed little Hunter easily and Brent dressed him and getting him ready for bed. Home births are so incredible for their very ordinary-ness! It is such a miracle to witness a woman give birth and a baby adjust to life on the outside but then…just an hour or two after giving birth eating, the family is laughing, baby is nursing and all are getting ready to sleep in their bed as if they are ending an otherwise typical day…just with an added bonus family member with hearts multiplied with love.

What a special birth to end my birth photography year! Hunter’s timing may have surprised us but his journey was just so gentle and special. He is born into so much love, it makes me tear up just to look over their photos.

Welcome to the world, Hunter and congrats Tami and Brent! I have a feeling Hunter has big things in store for the world – I can’t wait to learn about all the gifts he will bring to us all!

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