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Baby Eva – 1 week old

I had a pretty laid back and chill newborn session with baby Eva to celebrate her first week of life. She was very cooperative and so precious.

A lot of the session took place on this chair. You might recognize it from this Mama’s maternity session here. I love it when maternity and newborn photos come full circle!

We got lots of great smiles. This is one happy pumpkin!

Dad staged the above photo himself. He did a pretty good job, right? I’ve never backlit the cheesecloth before but I like it!

If you don’t recognize this Mama it’s because she chopped off massive amounts of hair within days of giving birth and donated it to locks of love. I totally love it!  If you look closely you can see she’s wearing yarn on her wrist. This was from her Mother’s Blessing. We all got them. I have had the absolute worst time bringing myself to cut it off. I felt so much better when I arrived a week after the birth to see that Mom was still wearing her yarn bracelet too. We decided on a date to cut it off – the date she had predicted she’d have her baby – March 21st (today!). I did it – I finally cut the “cord”, so to speak, but it was hard and I was weepy! I’m ridiculous, I know.  Anyway aside from looking ravishingly beautiful and so in love in these photos, it warms my heart that she is also still sporting her yarn bracelet in them!


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