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A home breech waterbirth {Houston Birth Photography}

I arrived Friday, early afternoon, to find this Mama in active labor. Her spirits were high even though she was already several hours into active labor.

early but active labor


Homebirth this time of year is so special. There is nothing more wonderful than bringing a baby into the home surrounded by all the beautiful lights and decor.

a peek through the Christmas Tree

Gentle reminders that she was surrounded by the uplifting love and support of wonderful friends near and far….

staying connected to friends

Including lots of calls, texts and Facebook progress inquiries!

staying connected to friends

Baby was breech which means a slower birth progression for Mom with nothing but a squishy butt to help her cervix dilate. But Mom made steady, if not slow,  progress through day and night. She made it look so easy, she was so powerful and incredibly strong. After a long 30 hours of hard work with little sleep, we all left Mom and Dad to sleep for a few hours. When we returned, she was refreshed, renewed and refocused. The energy had shifted and everyone was excited. The doula couldn’t stop smiling, the midwife literally danced a jig and Mom….well she was working SUPER hard so she wasn’t smiling much at this point but still managed to crack a few grins all the way through her birth! Her attitude was always so positive, she was so determined.


laboring together

While Mom and her close friend/doula walked the stairs, they came across this crazy little furry beast of a caterpillar. We declared him a sign of good fortune.

good luck sign

Mom’s midwife brought her this rose in the afternoon – another sign of love, support and optimism.

rose from the midwife

Only a few hours after her restorative nap, Mom started feeling pushy and moved into the birth tub for the remainder of her labor and birth. I love homebirths with pets. They are so in tune to Mom’s labor. I’m pretty sure this sweet dog would have jumped into the birth tub had the doula not been keeping tabs!

checking out the birth scene

Seriously hard work going on here. This is the most beautiful, powerful woman in the world about to meet her daughter!

working hard

39 hours after it all began….a very VERY ecstatic birth team: Mom, baby and her two midwives just seconds after the birth!


A family of three.

love at first sight

love at first sight

love at first sight


hello world

Happily ever after…

new family

Getting ready for her newborn exam…

baby & her midwife

sweet baby girl

Often times when a baby is first born, she still naturally folds into the position she kept the last weeks of pregnancy. For breech babies, this means their feet are often found up by their ears!  This sweet babe would not stop exploring her new world with those crazy feet! It will be sad when they finally settle down into their proper position at the other end of her torso!

Breech Foot :)

Crazy crazy amounts of blond hair. Just amazing!


I love this baby girl.

minutes old

My sincerest congratulations and gratitude goes out to this most amazing family who brought their sweet baby into the world in such a gentle and loving way. It was my greatest honor to have been part of their incredible journey.

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