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Caleb’s First Modeling Gig

This was supposed to be a really easy session but I should know better! Mom told me that this little guy still had his days and nights confused and he was passing out hard for several hours at a pretty predictable time of day. So we planned the session for his sleepy time and boy did he pull a fast one on us. I waited for 3.5 hours for this punk to finally fall asleep. We tried all the usual tricks and he wasn’t upset or sleepy – he was just very wakeful and happy! When we finally got him to sleep, he slept hard for only a few short minutes.

I love to take lifestyle shots during the session – unposed, natural, beautiful!

This is a shot of Mr. Man inside his Mommy’s Womb! How cool is that?! She made a belly cast at the end of her pregnancy and he was gracious enough to snooze for us inside.

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