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Ellie {Kingwood Birth Photography}

It was another beautiful Friday when I got the call from doula, Dorin, that my client, Brooke, thought she might be in early labor. You might remember Brooke from her maternity session.

It was baby Ellie’s due date and also Brooke’s last day of work before maternity leave and she planned to finish it, head on home and assess labor. That’s when things started picking up and I think we all knew it was another Labor Friday!

At 7:15PM I got the call to head over to Brooke’s house but we hadn’t even arrived yet when we got word that they needed to head to the birth center and couldn’t wait for us. YIkes! When things change that fast, we know it’s serious. I don’t want to think about how many traffic laws we broke over the next 10-15 minutes so we could get to the birth center as soon as possible. We pulled in right in front of Brooke and Phillip at just before 8:30 PM.

I love this photo of Brooke. Isn’t she just gorgeous? So beautiful, so serious. I wonder if she knew that just 13 minutes later she would be holding her daughter?

Fast and furious, at 8:56 PM Ellie climbed her way into the world before any of us could blink! Brooke had hoped for a water birth but there wasn’t even time to fill the tub! Brooke was amazing and strong and totally let her body and her baby guide her.

Love this fist bump! Truly an awesome team!

A bit later, big brother Noah came to meet his baby sister. He was sleepy and stunned. It took him awhile to warm up – the people and cameras and excitement were a lot to take in.

But then he realized that baby girl came out of his Mommy and it was VERY exciting!  There was much hat-putting-on and sock-putting-on (I see lots of dress-up in this girl’s future!) and counting of fingers and toes. He loved and kissing and hugged on Ellie and was very concerned that she eat and sleep. He’s such a sweet third parent:)

But one of the sweetest moments was when Ellie recognized Noah’s voice. She just stared and stared at him and he at her! Sniff.

And then, just like that, it was time to go home again! Just passing through to have a baby, that’s all! We even joked that they were welcome to join us for our post-birth IHOP midnight snack if they wanted.

Congratulations to this beautiful family and welcome to the world baby Ellie! It was fast and crazy and miraculous and inspiring and so so special to be part of your birth journey.


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