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Evangeline’s Birth Day

Friday (as usual!) I got a call from doula Dorin that our mutual client, Mary, (and dear friend to us both) was in labor. Even though I was on call, I was in total denial because Mary was clear that her baby would not be born for a few more weeks and I believed her! When I talked to Mary later, it was clear she was in denial too:)She had circus plans later that night! It wasn’t time! What was this baby thinking?!? I packed my bags and my car and took a nap in preparation for an exciting evening.

{the birth tub surrounded by the same candles that lit Mary’s first baby’s entrance into the world}

At 6pm Mary called and told me to meet her at Nativiti birth center at 7pm. This was such a special birth to me. I almost never cry at a birth and have NEVER cried BEFORE a birth but found myself all teary driving up to the birth center. When we met up I could tell that things were serious.

{I adore this photo: Mom working so hard and Dad right there with her in spirit}

Mary’s labor was fast and furious. It was intense and perfect and beautiful and amazing. She was a warrior – so powerful and strong. Her baby was born so fast and so gently into her father’s hands with her bag of water still intact (known as “born in the caul”). It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever photographed. It also means this was an especially significant birth of a very blessed and lucky baby, according to birth lore.

The baby’s gender was a surprise to both the parents but the doula and I had both attended an ultrasound a few weeks earlier so we both knew the baby was going to be a boy.

Except we were both wrong. To complicate maters further, Mary called out the gender wrong at first, too! Evangeline had us all fooled! It may take me awhile to stop calling her a him:)

{making her sister’s pouty face}

It was such an honor to watch this family grow, to watch a dear friend become a Mother all over again, to watch a baby girl become a big sister and to watch a Daddy lose his heart to another daughter, already tightly wrapped around her finger. Thanks so much to the whole family for including me in your journey.


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