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Are you going to post my pictures on the Internet?

Only discrete images are shared, with permission, on Facebook and on the blog. Beautiful birth images are often what inspire my clients to contact me so I encourage all clients to share what they are comfortable with so others can be equally inspired by your journey!

Occasionally, with permission, I may also make a photo slideshow set to music for marketing purposes. If I create a slideshow such as this, I will offer you a copy free of charge.  I encourage all potential clients to peruse my blog and youtube so they can understand what type of images to expect.  I will never use images of a sensitive nature without your express permission.  And even with your express permission, it is in my business’ best interest that my marketing  and advertising efforts remain PG-rated!

If you absolutely do not want your images used online in any way, I do offer a privacy option. Please inquire or check your contract for further details.

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