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Can’t my husband/doula/nurse just take pictures?

Parents often assume the role of ad hoc photographer at their child’s birth. But without the proper training and experience, the images often are over- or under- exposed, blurry, grainy and shot at less than flattering angles.  Most importantly, everyone present at a birth already has a very vital roll:  your partner will need to support you and will want to be included in the photographic memories of the birth journey, your doula should be focused 100% on supporting your birth but when a doula is behind a camera, she is no longer supporting you! And a nurse is often busy, ill-experienced and definitely juggling multiple patients so shouldn’t be relied on to create the photographic memories from your birth! For every one family who hires a birth photographer there are 50 more who tearfully relay that their one big regret was NOT hiring a birth photographer.

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