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How did you become interested in birth photography?

My own birth experiences have taught me so much about birth and instilled a love for the process and transformation that birth brings to a family. My own birth photographer, Lesley Mason, really inspired in my importance of capturing the birth journey. Because the most important part of pregnancy and birth is the arrival of a healthy baby, our society sometimes overlooks the importance of our birth experience, itself, and the impact it has to shape our lives as women and mothers. As Moms, we so quickly have to shift into our new role as parent that it can be difficult to fully process our birth experiences and faster than we can blink, the memories have blurred, faded and slipped away.  No matter your birth experience, birth photography captures the story of your birth experience, beginning to end.   Under the best of circumstances, birth photography brings that experience to life forever. I believe that birth is a transformative experience and under the most challenging of circumstances, birth photography helps woman to heal and find beauty in their birth experience.

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