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What if you get sick or otherwise can’t make it to my birth?

While I do not get close to you or your baby in the way a doula, nurse or midwife will, I still strongly believe that the birth environment must stay free of contagious germs for the safety and well-being of Mom and Baby. So if I am actively ill (new cough or cold, fever, stomach virus, etc) or facing a personal emergency I will turn to my back-up photographer to take over your contract and fill in for me.  In the extremely unlikely event that neither myself nor my backup photographer are able to make your birth, your fee would be refunded minus my retainer.While it’s important to me to have a back-up photographer available for my clients, please know that, to date, I have never had to miss a birth due to fault of my own and don’t plan to miss any births in the future!

If I am unable to attend your birth due to no fault of my own (ie I was not given proper advance notice or was not called in time, the birth was very quick, the hospital refused me admittance, etc) your birth fee is non-refundable. A Fresh 48 session will be substituted.

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