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What is your past experience with photography during your own births?

I had my first child 15 years ago. I was treated badly, pushed around, I had little support and no photos to carry away from the birth of my very first child. My second child, born in a birth center, was captured with photos and video that I cherish to this day. His birth was so fast, the memories are so sparse and truly only kept alive through the few photos I have. My third birth, at home in the water, was attended by a professional photographer who captured the entire labor, birth and post-partum experience in amazing detail. My birth album from that birth is one of my most cherished possessions. It was not an easy birth, it was longer than expected and challenging. I love that the photos share the full story from easy beginning to challenging middle to glorious end. Since then I’ve felt passionately that every birth should be a beautiful birth and the beauty of birth can been seen even in difficult, long or births with unexpected complications. Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see what you are too close to see and create those memories for you.

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