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{Fresh} 48 Session

When I first started offering birth photography I also offered a package that included a mini session the day after the birth. It was a big hit but not for me! I was way too exhausted to even consider shooting another session sometimes just hours after I got home! So I quickly did away with that, much to the disappointed of some clients!

But this year I’m reintroducing this session! Unlike the “olden days” (heehee), it will not be offered with birth sessions. Instead it will be its own session for those who are looking for something right AFTER birth.

Why a {Fresh} 48 Session?
Your baby will be changing so fast – hour to hour, day to day. Capture those first milestones: herbal bath, breastfeeding, meeting siblings or family members, Dad’s first diaper change, baby birthday party, meeting the grandparents, going home from the hospital or simply just gazing at each other! This session captures moments like these that will soon be lost in the fog of your “babymoon”! These are the photos your friends and family will be begging for and your parents will want blown up on the wall!

{Fresh} Birth Journey vs {Fresh} 48
There is nothing quite like having photos from your labor and birth to cherish for eternity! Seeing the bond between a couple, the strength and determination on Mom’s face, the pride on Dad’s face, the quiet moments when time stood still, even the fear and apprehension and, my person favorite, the look on the parents’ face when they first lay eyes on their precious child! These are moments you cannot truly appreciate until you see them captured beautifully in photographs.These are the moments only captured in a {Fresh} Birth Journey package.

As passionate as I am about birth photography, I do understand that it isn’t for everyone.

Whether it’s finances, medical concerns or the very concept of a photographic depiction of your birth that puts you off, you won’t want to skip the {fresh} 48! With the option to clean up a bit, rest,

eat a good meal and get dressed after birth, the {Fresh} 48 will appeal to those who want a more controlled photography experience. While I won’t be on call 24/7 as I would with a Birth Journey package, I do pre-book {Fresh} 48 sessions so that I am available within the first two days after birth, during daytime hours, as soon as you call!

So here’s the deal:

  • The {Fresh} 48 Session takes place when you call, during daylight hours, within the first 48 hours of birth. The sooner the better!
  • It can take place at the hospital, birth center or at home and will last approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Lifestyle photography similar in style to my birth photography – unposed, natural or available light. A mix of black and white and soft color images.
  • Includes 25 digital images with print release.
  • Includes same-day (or next day if your session is late in the day) blog post and Facebook sneak peek for you to share with friends and family.

The {Fresh} 48 Package is $600.

A $300 deposit is required to book my time and the $300 balance will be collected when I arrive at your session.

How is a {Fresh} 48 Session different from newborn photography? Or hospital-offered packages?
A {Fresh} 48 session is very VERY different. Hospital photography is likely not going to include you, siblings or family members. It will likely be posed, lasting just a few minutes, and won’t capture your baby’s true fr

esh self or the bliss and joy you all feel that will be so evident in photos.

Newborn photography* also takes place shortly after birth but rarely within the first day or two. Your {Fresh48} session will happen right after birth when those emotions are still high and everything is brand new. There will be no props, studio lighting or baby posing!

A {Fresh} 48 Session is not meant to take the place of a newborn session*. These are two unique experiences offering two wonderful keepsakes from two different times in your family’s life. While possibly only days apart, your baby will barely even look the same by the time your newborn photographer* arrives. Don’t miss the opportunity to make time stand still with a {Fresh} 48 session!

Ready to book? Just drop me a line or head on over to book your session today!

* I do not currently offer newborn sessions however I work with a great team of newborn photographers should you want a local referral. Just drop me a line!
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