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{Fresh} Milk Sessions

Breastfeeding. The most natural, beautiful way to nourish a child. Since the beginning of time Moms have bonded and nurtured their babies, comforted and calmed them, from the breast. In the blink of an eye, those memories are behind us as we drive car pool and deal with teen angst, plan weddings and welcome grandchildren. It really truly goes that fast. Often Moms in those early days, weeks or months may feel overwhelmed, sleep deprived and frazzled. It’s hard to believe, in the moment, that your child will ever wean. That these moments will be but a distant and fuzzy memory in no time flat. It’s hard to stop and cherish. It’s easy to want to rush through those feedings so we can move on to what may feel, in the moment, like a more productive endeavor.

Slow down, mamas. For soon this memory will be so cherished. Soon you will gaze lovingly at a friend as she nurses her newborn, remembering the way your own babies smelled while they nuzzled their fuzzy heads against your chest. Soon you will spot the familiar distracted nursing of an older baby as she gains independence and is lure by the excitement of everything around her. On and off, on and off she nurses as she is on the very brink of her first big independent steps away from Mom.  What was once frustrating is now a bittersweet reminder just how fast it all passes. Once in a long while you might even spot that typical toddler nurser – busy in his own wide world of exploration – but running over to “check in” for his all too brief suckle of reassurance before he traipses off again to discover the world. What you wouldn’t give to turn back the hands of time as those dirty pudgy fingers wrap around yours. Soon these will be your thoughts, your memories.

Capture the memory, the moment.

A {Fresh} Milk session captured the beautiful bond between Mother and nursing Child:

  • Can take place outdoors in The Woodlands or in your well-lit home or yard.
  • Short session lasting no more than a half hour (depending on the needs of your nursling)
  • 10 digital images with full reprint permission are yours to keep with this session

$200 plus tax ($150+ tax when combined with a fresh 48, birth or herbal bath sessions)

See a portfolio of beautiful breastfeeding art here.

Ready to book? Just drop me a line or head on over to book your session today!


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