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Gratitude Friday

Inspired by the wonderful and amazing Emily Corey Photography I’m starting a new little photo project and I thought I’d share it here. Every Friday I’ll post a photo that is representative of something in my life I’m grateful for. If you have a blog or facebook page I encourage you to join in and spread the good spirit of gratitude!

He may not be the Easter Bunny or a sweet little lamb or chick but he represents Spring around The Woodlands. I was out enjoying the sun after several rainy days a few weeks ago when my cat spotted this guy (or girl?). I’ve never been freaked out by lizards or snakes. I think they are kind of fascinating. I’ve never seen a shedding lizard in my yard though! He reminded me of the newness of Spring. Rebirth. Second chances. And who amongst us can’t appreciate that?! And so I’m grateful for this guy. In case you’re wondering, he’s an Anole and I think I’ll call him Humphrey.


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