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I’m no hair stylist

We are right in the midst of the photography slow season so I am taking the opportunity to get caught up on my much-neglected photo editing of past family sessions. My poor neglected family. I vow to spend more time focusing on capturing the special moments near and dear to me in the future.

So way back in April, my baby girl turned 4. I had a special photo session planned for her and I knew I wanted to curl her hair. In the past, her otherwise stick straight hair would fall limp by the time we’d get on location so this time I thought I’d try having her sleep in curlers. She was excited about the curlers and they didn’t bother her at all. So I decided to just leave them in her hair until we got on location. I was still a little worried about how fast the curl might fall.

All of this made TONS of sense in my practical Mommy mind. Logically, though, at some point I should have realized that it might have been wise to check the style at home since we’d never used curlers before. Because – WOW! Did her hair curl up! TIGHT curls. Hilarious curls that shrunk her usually long hair to her ears! At that point, all I could do was laugh and go with it. She was not a happy camper. She thought she looked like a boy. But I decided that her curls where adorable and we just made the best of it.

Those curls? They stayed in her hair for days. Until we finally washed it, in fact. I guess I found the solution to curls that don’t fall? Ha.

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