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My other passion: Announcing Red Thread Sessions!

I love photography but even before photography was a passion of mine, I was an adoption advocate. My youngest child came to our family through adoption and I learned so much through the process. I saw the pain and struggle that families went through to bring a child home and I have seen children suffer in orphanages or wait in limbo in the foster care system under a system that tries its best but is often fraught with problems and is ineffectual, at best. I have been an active advocate for adoption reform over the years, trying to do my small part to make sure that all children without families to care for them find their way into loving arms

Along the way, I always felt pulled to connect my love for photography and the gift of adoption. About a year ago I connected with another photographer/adoptive Mom – Nicole Renee – and we started the wheels in motion to make something awesome. Fast forward a year and add two more photographers touched by adoption to our team (Jenna from Songbird Photography and Amy Leigh from Captured Simplicity) and I am super excited to finally announce:

Red Thread Sessions

Red Thread Sessions is a non-profit association joining together members of the adoption triad with volunteer photographers. Photographers offer their time and talent to take photos of the very brief and special transition time in the life of an adopted child. We offer three types of sessions: a family portrait session during the first three months after adoption, a family homecoming session for international adoptions and a birth session for open domestic adoptions. Some of our volunteers also offer open adoption sessions featuring birth and adoptive parents with their child – a true treasure for the child to carry into the future!

Please help me spread the word and share this new resource. We have hundreds of volunteer photographers located throughout the United States already donating their time. Let your agency know, tell your church family and share with your friends. Every family touched by adoption deserves a Red Thread Session!

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