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Things have been quiet as I’ve taken a little time off over the winter to focus on my family and our recent move. I wish I could say we were all unpacked but there are still no photos gracing my walls! All in time…

Meanwhile things have been hoppin’ here at {Fresh}. Several of my images have made their way out into the world. I love the idea of birth being portrayed with beauty. So many women don’t even realize how beautiful and powerful they look in the throes of labor and we so instantly forget how much our babies changes from hour to hour, day to day during those first precious days I like to call the “babymoon”. Photography is such a powerful way to educate and inspire. And my clients are SO inspirational!

Back in 2011 one of my very favorite photos was featured as a full page spread in Issue 98 of Midwifery Today. While not technically my best work, what I love most about this photo is that it conveys the miracle of birth and the possibility of breech birth so very well. And I really really love that my client was so empowered by her birth. I rarely show the clients their photos from the camera preview but at this birth I couldn’t help it. It was so amazing! And the client said right there on the spot that she was willing to share it with the world. I checked with her again prior to publication and she was even more proud – even more willing. I have the most amazing clients, ever! So needless to say, when it was picked up I was overjoyed!

Fast forward a few months and I learned that this image would be chosen for another full page spread. As a retired La Leche League Leader, breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart. I even dedicated much of my time back in 2010 to my Breastfeeding Calendar project. I am so happy to see this beautiful image gracing the full page of Issue 101 in Midwifery Today. Don’t I have beautiful clients? Wow!


A birth team I worked with was recently interviewed by the local news and they used my images during the clip. It was fun to see my stuff on TV even if the spin wasn’t all I had hoped it would be. Still, my client and her midwife were amazing for their part.You can watch that clip here if you’re interested.

Whew! So that’s what’s been going on during these first few weeks in 2012. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

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