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Sweet Baby M’s Birth Day {Houston Birth Photographer}

Despite their February due dates, I knew this Mama and baby Evelyn’s Mama were in a race to give birth. And I knew both of them would have beautiful, lovely and FAST labors. I did not, however, expect them to be my very first double birth in a single day!

Just 12 hours after returning home from baby Evelyn’s birth, I got a call from this beautiful Mama saying that she was having some contractions every 7 minutes. It was 8pm and she wondered if she would have her baby that day….her own birthday! I thought that would be pretty cool but wondered how likely that would be with only 4 hours left in the day.

When the phone rang at 9:15 pm and they were on the way to the birth center with contractions only 2-3 minutes apart, I could hear Mom in the background and knew that I’d better head out. I had contemplated stopping to get a big Sonic Iced Tea (my birth staple :)) but decided against it. I could always get something to drink once we settled in at the birth center.

a mom hard at work

I pulled up to the birth center and literally took the last parking spot. I couldn’t figure out why on earth there were so many cars present. When I walked in, it was chaos everywhere. I had not met the rest of this Mama’s family and it became instantly clear that she wasn’t the only Mama giving birth that night so I wasn’t sure which room she was in or where to go. Then I heard a Mama clearly in the throes of transition and thought “Surely my client must be in the OTHER room”…after all we just joked on the phone an hour earlier! But after asking around I rushed in to find this Mama a half centimeter from complete.

a mom hard at work

Watching this mama experience her first ever unmedicated transition was absolutely awe-inspiring. She was brave and strong and powered through some of the most intensely painful contractions!  As anyone who has experienced a very fast labor can attest, when a labor progresses so quickly it can be exceptionally intense and painful.

the toes say it all

Her two young sons were present and eagerly anticipating their sister’s arrival. They came in and out of the room as they felt comfortable.

Big bro checking things out

Dad’s presence was a true gift to the entire family as his job often takes him out of town. I know he was so happy to be a part of the entire labor and birth this time around. He was such a great support.

spousal support

I love these guys!

Cautious Optimism

They carried their comfort objects and held them close. The sweetest thing, ever!


This little guy LOVED birth. He loved being his Mama’s helper and gently patted her knee between contractions.

Helping Mom

At 10:40 PM, on her Mama’s birthday, baby M drifted through the water and into her family’s arms.

Hi baby!

That right there is a look of total pride on the little guy’s face! This just melts my heart!

Big Brother, at last!

Look at those beautiful girls! Happy birthday to you both!

Pretty Ladies

Baby M

The grandparents and auntie couldn’t get enough of their sweet new baby girl!

A family of admirers

Why, hello there!

Sweet baby M

Baby feet. You know how I feel about baby feet. And this baby has perfect pudgy toes!

Tiny feet

Mom & Daughter


I think these two might be in love already, don’t you?

grandpa and his granddaughter

Sweet head full of hair.

sweet hair

With the excitement of the birth itself now passed, exhaustion quickly set in. This little guy passed out hard! I think it was at this point that I finally got that drink of water from the kitchen!!

asleep after a long day becoming a big brother again!

Baby M and her mama enjoying their herbal bath.

herbal bath

Welcome to the world Baby M! Look at all that hair – she looks like a tiny doll!

just hours old

I can’t imagine a more intense birth to experience for your first unmedicated birth but this Mom handled it like she’s done it a million times before. She never panicked, she stayed totally focused on her job and just got it done. I’m so proud of her!  Her reward for all that monumentally hard work was the best birthday gift she could ever receive!

Congrats to the entire family and may your babymoon be filled with peace, joy and love!

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