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Welcome to the world, Thatcher! {The Woodlands Birth Photographer}

I had the honor of attending another awesome birth recently. This birth is one of my favorites because I was able to take pictures at the parents’ home and then follow them to the hospital to complete the journey. It’s a good thing, too, because it is highly likely I wouldn’t have made it to the hospital in time to shoot the birth, otherwise. This Mom has fast labors – FAST!

{getting make-up on in between contractions}

{I love this shot of Dad helping Mom through contractions with the doula helping from behind and Grandma in the background timing contractions – such a great team!}

{a few more contractions on the way to the car}

{in the hospital waiting room, waiting to go into triage…still smiling! Mom was such a rockstar! She was about 7-8 cm dilated here. Amazing, huh?}

{transition in fast labors can be SO grueling}

{The hospital wanted a consistent 10 minutes of monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat so Mom had to suffer through multiple grueling transition contractions while holding the monitor on her belly. Did I mention this woman deserves an award?}

{feeling pushy! The rest of the pictures are self-explanatory!}

{look at these post-dates fingers! For those who don’t understand childbirth lingo, that means he cooked too long :))

{inky feet}

Grandma on the left and Daddy on the right. Love!!!

Thanks to this beautiful family for allowing me the blessing of attending this most powerful and beautiful birth.  Mom, you really were amazing and so strong and perfect. Dad, you were such a great support system for Mom through her contractions and you really knew exactly when she needed to get herself to the hospital! And baby Thatcher…I know about you third babies! You are tricksters! Be easy on your big brother and sister! I know you’ll make your mark on the world in a big way!

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