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The birth of the most beautiful girl… {Houston Birth Photographer}

I had an uncharacteristically uneasy feeling about my role in this birth for the last few weeks. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I would wake up several times in the night to check my phone, I was even more unusually paranoid about leaving home. It was just odd. This family lived a bit of a distance but that never concerned me, in and of itself. When Dad called me on Friday night, I flew down and started frantically photographing everything I could. This turned out to be a smart move because soon after I got there, Mom and Dad needed some rest.

Mom was just radiant and beautiful. Dad was excited and focused. The three older brothers were well beyond excited and ready to meet their new sibling.

Mom, so very tired after days of on-again, off-again early labor, decided to head to bed and reconvene this birth party another day. I remember saying to her that I thought maybe I should get a hotel room nearby and stay close. But no, it could be days.

At 9pm the next evening Dad called again. Maybe this is it. Be ready, but don’t come yet. A few minutes later, nagged by that now-familiar uneasy feeling, I texted Dad to ask if the midwife was there and if the assistant was on her way. He called just a few minutes later and asked me to head down but, he said, “No promises!”. I was honestly, genuinely shocked when I arrived an hour later to this scene:

Now I know what that uneasy feeling was about. I was just not meant to photograph this beautiful gorgeous girl entering the world! She, like her older brother, FLEW into the world at such a speed that even her siblings who were just around the bend, missed it! I didn’t stand a chance.

But there was another surprise happening here that wasn’t such a surprise at all: this baby was a GIRL! While no one really knew, I think everyone totally knew! To say the family was ecstatic was an understatement. This baby girl is going to be surrounded by the best, most loving big brothers EVER!

The tiniest big brother got to cut the cord. He did a perfect job. And just look at that sweet baby’s hands! She kept them like this for a long time after birth. I imagine she was positioned just like this in utero.

Big brother counting fingers. So sweet.

This baby has the best expressions!

Finally, after patiently waiting his turn through several anxious big brothers, Dad got to hold his sweet baby girl.

Family of Six!

Congratulations to the entire family and thank you for including me on your journey!

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