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Welcome to the world, baby C! {The Woodlands TX Birth Photography}

Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph a birth.  I have attended many births in my life but each one brings with it new miracles, new lessons about life and new awe for the sanctity and beauty of life. I am the luckiest person on Earth to be able to share in those moments and create memories for a lifetime.

Baby C was one stubborn guy! He gave his Mama such a hard time about making an entrance into this world! First he went overdue and then he steadfastly refused to show his face! His Mama handled it all with such grace. She was just glowingly beautiful in labor.



This birth was unique because Mom was surrounded by a large circle of supportive women. It was beautiful to see. This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows the pure love and devotion these women exhibited.




After many many hours, Mom decided it was time to head to the hospital.


Her baby was born just about an hour later. You know how every set of new parents waits for what feels like infinity to hear those first cries after their baby is born? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a concern with Baby C!  I have never heard a baby cry so loudly and with such gusto.  All of Mom’s support team could hear him down several halls and through several doors. It was as if he wanted to say hi to everyone as soon as possible!


It was such a HUGE blessing and honor to be allowed to take pictures the very first moment that Mom and Dad held baby C.  This hospital had never let a photographer be present in the operating room before!



This is one of my favorite pictures, too. I love what a pro Dad is with his minutes-old son! He’s holding Mom’s hand with one hand while holding the baby up to her face so she could kiss on him and study him for the first time. I was quite impressed!


Sweetest pouty face ever!


It was such a major blessing to be part of Baby C’s Birth Day! Keep an eye out for the slideshow in the next few days.

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