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What to wear for a maternity session in the Woodlands, TX

I offer on-location natural light maternity sessions in the Woodlands, Texas and surrounded areas. A common question I get from my expecting Mommy clients is “What do I wear?”. My maternity clients  get a tips sheet when they book me and it outlines some suggestions for wardrobe.  Additionally I thought I’d put together this post for suggestions on some maternitywear and boutique items that are great for your maternity session.

What to wear:

  • Fitting tanks and tops.
  • Loose sleeved tops or light cardigan layered over tank if you have gained weight in your arms or if you are experiencing swelling during this late stage of pregnancy.
  • Jeans that no longer snap (pre-pregnancy) to accentuate your belly, if you can pull it off (I never could! I gained weight all over!)
  • Jeans or pants without a maternity band.
  • Shirts that no longer fit over your belly. This accentuates your belly’s size at this stage in pregnancy.
  • Dresses that are form fitting to accentuate your figure.
  • Long, flowey skirts paired with tanks or fitted tops are a lovely way to accentuate your tummy while staying comfortable and looking dreamy for your session. Especially a great choice if you are experiencing swelling late in pregnancy.
  • Solid colors. Stay away from loud or bold patterns. Some repeating simple patterns photograph very well such as small polka-dots or stripes.
  • If you are going for partial nudity, a large scarf makes a great “tube top” style top or a bottom if the scarf is large enough to be clipped or tied in back.
  • A well-fitting bra! This can really help your figure at

Some of my favorite local places to suggest for clients to shop

The maternity wardrobe options are endless online but a few places to start are:


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