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What to Wear Wednesday: Little Girl Edition {The Woodlands, TX Child Photographer}

I get asked often for clothing suggestions so I thought I’d put together this resource for clients preparing for their next session.

The most important thing you can do when choosing outfits for your child’s session is to consider your child’s personality. Your child will shine in clothing that she feels comfortable and natural wearing. A tomboy, no matter how sweet she might look,  isn’t going to feel comfortable in a frilly dress and her photos will reflect this. Likewise, a girly-girl will love feeling like a princess in a big pettiskirt or tutu and she’ll really put on a show during her session and that will also reflect in the finished product. So I like to offer suggestions based on personality and style preference rather than any hard and fast rules.

That said, there are some basic truths:

  • No logos or characters. Nothing dates a photo or makes it seem inappropriately casual!
  • No busy prints or big bold plaids.
  • When coordinating colors between family members focus on matching color “families” rather than colors themselves. Stick to one color family (brights, pastels, neutrals) but mix up the colors!
  • Alternatively stick with one color “theme” but vary the shade along the natural spectrum. Navy blue and light blue, for example.
  • Dress for your child’s skin tone. Pale skin can look ghostly when contrasted with very dark colors. Dark colors may not provide enough contrast with dark skin tones to really make your child’s face pop in a photo.
  • Layers are good.
  • Accessories that add color accents to otherwise neutral outfits (think scares, belts, hats, chunky jewelry, etc) are good.
  • When it comes to shoes, don’t underestimate the awesomeness of bare feet!

If your child’s personality is wild, spicy, funky, fiesty or just plain BIG check out:

If your child’s personailty is more reserved, shy, academic or serious check out:

If your little girl is more of a rough-and-tumble, no frills tom boy check out:

If your child is delicate, a “southern belle”, graceful check out:


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