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What to Wear Wednesday: Little Boy Edition

As a Mom of three boys I know just how challenging it can be to find really cute AND really photogenic boys clothing. The most challenging part is finding something simple enough for photographs that also reflects your boy’s style. A boy who lives in graphic tees isn’t going to feel right in a polo shirt or necktie. His discomfort will be evident in photos.

The same basic truths apply to boys as they do girls:

  • No logos or characters. NO GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS!!! Nothing dates a photo or makes it seem inappropriately casual!
  • No busy prints or big bold plaids. Madras is in style right now and is cute for shorts – not so much for shirts. The busy-ness distracts away from your child’s beautiful face.
  • When coordinating colors between family members focus on matching color “families” rather than colors themselves. Stick to one color family (brights, pastels, neutrals) but mix up the colors!
  • Alternatively stick with one color “theme” but vary the shade along the natural spectrum. Navy blue and light blue, for example.
  • Dress for your child’s skin tone. Pale skin can look ghostly when contrasted with very dark colors. Dark colors may not provide enough contrast with dark skin tones to really make your child’s face pop in a photo.
  • Layers are good.
  • Boys like to accessorize too! Funky or fun hats, a favorite watch or necklace, sunglasses, even his favorite teddy-bear can all personalize your photos and make your child more relaxed and at ease.
  • When it comes to shoes, don’t underestimate the awesomeness of bare feet! For boys, though, stay away from white tennis shoes and any color Crocs as they appear inappropriate casual.

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