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Why Birth Photography?

excitement • anticipation • preparation • hope • strength • determination • concern • transition • support • awe • joy • love • bliss

Fresh Houston Birth Photography
This describes the birth journey in words. If you’ve experienced the birth of a child you can probably identify with each of those words. They may conjure visual memories in your mind representing each stage of labor, birth and those first moments meeting your child. You may even have a video or some snapshots or cellphone pictures taken by a busy nurse or an anxious Daddy or Grandparent to mark the day but most parents walk away from their birth journey and into parenthood without a way to mark the powerful transition they just experienced.

Birth photography transforms the birth journey into more than just a cherished life memory. It creates the story of your child’s birth from the tiniest detail to the sheer emotion shared between partners to the moment that baby and parents fall in love at first sight.

By far, the most common comment I hear from new parents is how much they regret not hiring a photographer for their birth. Families have attested that birth photography has helped them through post-partum depression and birth-related trauma by helping them feel more connected to their birth process and new baby. Women find healing in birth photography! Even among those who hire a birth photographer, it isn’t uncommon to hear families say “I didn’t realize how important this was to me – I’m so glad I did it”. I’ve never met a soul who has regretted hiring a photographer for their birth. It’s a moment in time in the life of your family that you can’t recreate.

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